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Enjoy the journey AND the destination!

We’re just a couple of cool guys on an unlikely journey to build cools vans.

From different backgrounds and parts of the country, we share a love of the great outdoors and a desire to explore it as much as possible. A handful of serendipitous event led us to gain some experience together in the industry with another shop. That ultimately gave us the experience, knowledge, and desire to take control of the process and try to create the best all-around conversion shop experience we could imagine….UNDER OUR OWN ROOF!!

Enter……MAMMOTH VANS! Not too long ago it was discovered that great Columbian Mammoths roamed the lands of the Pacific Northwest after their fossilized remains had been unearthed out on the Olympic Peninsula. After reading about the tremendous journey these great creatures took across vast expanses of the globe, it was easy to see the connection between what we are building and why. We dream of exploring this beautiful planet of ours far and wide, made all the more accessible with a modern day steed capable enough to take us to those sought after places.

Like the Mammoth, our big, strong vans are built to endure, enabling you to discover new places and experiences alike, taking you where ever your heart desires. ADVENTURE BIG!